The XXIV Classical Guitar Competition

The XXIV Classical Guitar Competition will be held from 8 th to 11 th April 2020 in the town of Kyustendil, Republic of Bulgaria.

Useful Information

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The International Classical Guitar Competition is organized under the patronage of the Mayor of Kyustendil Municipality - Petar Paunov.
Art Director of the Competition is Ivan Andonov.
The XXIV Classical Guitar Competition will be held from 8 th to 11 th April 2020 in the town of Kyustendil, Republic of Bulgaria.
Guitarists from all over the world who would like to take part in the Competition and have filled in and sent the application form until 31th March 2020 may participate as contestants in the following groups:

First group – up to four grade (up to 11 years old)
Second group – fifth - seventh grade (from 11 to 14 years of age)
Third group – eighth - twelfth grade (from 14 to the age of 18 years old)
Fourth group – over 18 years
Fifth group – „Free Stage of the Soloist”- without age restrictions
Sixth group – „Guitar +”- without age restrictions
Seventh group –„Chamber Music” - without age restrictions
Eighth group – „Guitar Ensembles and Orchestras”- without age restrictions


The reward fund includes money bonuses, pieces of art and object prizes running up to the total amount of 6,000 Bulgarian leva.
The following prizes will be awarded:
First and second group
1st prize - 90 BGN, 2nd prize - 80 BGN, 3rd prize - 70 BGN
Third and fourth group
1st prize- 100 BGN, 2nd prize - 90 BGN, 3rd prize - 80 BGN
Fifth, sixth and seventh group
1st prize - 100 BGN, 2nd prize - 90 BGN , 3rd prize – 80BGN
Eighth group
1st prize - 100 BGN, 2nd prize - 90 BGN, 3rd prize -80 BGN

Besides with the cash prizes in each group, subject awards and cash prizes are awarded provided by the sponsors of the competition.

Bulgarian students ranked first, second and third in the second and third age groups will receive targeted financial support and scholarships provided by the Program for the protection of gifted children by the Ministry of Culture in Bulgaria. Therefore, these age groups will only be awarded under one first, one second and one third without duplicating the prizes.
The jury will award three special prizes in each group.

The competition will be awarded two special prizes:
- Lyuben Haralambiev statuette for the most artistic performance.
- Money Prize in memory of Valentin Valchev.

The highest prize is the Competition “Grand-Prix” – cash prize, object awards and a painting by a famous painter from Kyustendil. It will be awarded to the guitarist who gives the best performance at the Competition.

The winners of the first prizes from the previous edition of the Competition in 2019 may not take part in the same groups.

The order of participation for the contestants in the first, second, third and fourth group will be decided by drawing lots at the official opening of the Competition and for the other groups before the competition of the relevant group.

Regulations with Application Form

11, Otets Paisii str., Chitalishte "Bratstvo-1869", Kyustendil, 2500, Bulgaria; e-mail:; phone: (+359)78 529 195, (+359)78 526 395, (+359)78 552 187; fax: (+359)78 529 195; gsm: 0887 651 034;